About Me

My journey in fashion began when I was six years old watching Project Runway. This peaked my interest in fashion! I was inspired by the creativity and fabrication that made the show great! Not too long after that I taught myself how to hand sew, and my great aunt taught me how to use a sewing machine. My great aunt was also the same woman who gave me my first sewing machine. From then on I began making my own clothes. Sometimes wearing them to school, other times making them for family and friends. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that it struck me that this could be more than a hobby, it could be a business. From then on I began making clothes and selling them for my peers, and shortly after that I started my website. And ever since then I have put in nothing but blood, sweat, and tears into my brand. Today, I am registered as an LLC, shipping orders out of state to people I’ve never even met! My customers support my brand and love my clothes more than anything! This journey has been more than rewarding!